Alloy Wheel & Rim Repair/ Refinishing

Wheel Refinishing, Straightening
& Re-manufacturing

Alloy Wheel/Rim Repair and Refinishing is one of our fastest growing services that we offer to our customers!  Wheels on later model cars are extremely expensive and time consuming to replace.

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CONTACT US TODAY: 636-230-7900


CONTACT US TODAY: 636-230-7900

St. Louis weather and roads can be rough on your wheels, we offer affordable Rim Repair and Refinishing Services

Wheel Refinishing

If you have painted aluminum wheels that have been scraped our gouged on a curb or pot hole it can be fixed in the same day like NEW! at an affordable price.  We offer Alloy Wheel refinishing on all makes and models at our location.  We can refinish all of your painted wheels back to new no matter the color, with our same day service!

Wheel Straightening

We offer straightening service for bent or out of round wheels.  Bent wheels are dangerous and annoying also causing vibrations that can damage your vehicle’s tires and suspension system.  This is a very serious solution to a serious problem and should be taken care of immediately.

Wheel Re-manufacturing

Wheels too damaged or worn to be repaired on-site can be repaired at our state of the art re-manufacturing shops or we can possibly replace them from our extensive inventory of wheels.

Quality Wheel Refinishing can save thousands

Our customers have been so happy with this type of repair and the time it takes.  Our wheel team has a patented paint and clear coat product that is amazingly durable and simple to apply, giving us the ability to match your wheels paint color and apply the process quickly!  We are also able to correct rough edges around the outer edge of your wheels and blend out most deep gouges beyond belief.  If you are just tired of color of your wheels, that’s also easily remedied by letting us color code your wheels with almost any color you choose!

Starting at $130

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Don’t just take our word for it

“I took my car there for what I believed was going to be a super expensive fix and they fixed it in about five minutes...for free! I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the impeccable, courteous, and immediate service I received here. Thank you!”

T. BernsenSt. Louis, MO

“The dent removal was also excellent. When I dropped my car off with them it looked terrible; when I got it back it was flawless.

Overall, I felt like this shop was great from step one all the way through. Customer satisfaction is clearly something they strive to provide, which was clear through the communication and quality workmanship I got. I would absolutely give them my business again if the need arises.”

M. JettSt. Charles, MO

“This Dent Devil is a wonderful place indeed. Me and my friend were visiting STL and we hit a post while reversing the car. They did a wonderful job and by the end of the day I could not figure out if the damage did actually take place or not. Thanks Mike.
And yes, I am writing this after having come back home in India, just because of the very courteous manner in which we were attended to by Mike and the prompt follow up undertaken by him. It was a wonderful experience.”

S. AdlakhaSt. Louis, MO

“Dent Devil did a great job repairing the hail damage on my BRZ. The owner, Mike, was very friendly and flexible and performed the work quickly and properly. The dents were completely gone and have not come back. One dent was missed, but Mike repaired it himself in an hour when I came in the shop and saw it. Price was the best around. Overall, a top notch shop and experience. ”

B. LoheSt. Louis, MO

“I am extremely, extremely impressed with Dent Devil of Clayton! I brought in a car that I thought was beyond repair--it reeked of cigarette smoke (from years of its owner smoking with the windows up) and was absolutely filthy. A few days later, Dent Devil returned the car to me immaculately clean and smelling great. They did multiple ozination treatments, a flawless interior detail, and odor fogging--all of it to ensure that I would walk out of there with a "like new" vehicle. And to top it off, the price was very reasonable! I know most people come here for exterior repairs (and I'm sure they do this well, too), but I did a lot of research and I can confidently say that this is also the place to go for anything wrong with your interior. Thanks, guys!”

B. WinterSt. Louis
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