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Accidents Happen. We can repair your scratched or chipped car bumper.

Were you involved in a bumper to bumper accident, or did you back your vehicle into another object? Whether in a parking lot or on the road, collisions happen every day. Since bumpers act as a standard vehicle safety feature, it’s in your best interest to visit an auto repair shop as soon as possible. Even if the accident wasn’t major, a compromised bumper puts you and your passengers at risk.

At The Dent Devil of St. Louis, we offer two reasonable bumper repair and replacement options to fit your needs. Our trained professionals will assess your vehicle, recommend the best next steps, and depending on the damage, repair your bumper as soon as the same day. We can also assist you in the replacement of steel bumpers for trucks. Contact us today to get started!

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CONTACT US TODAY: 636-230-7900 (Ballwin) or 314-669-9966 (Clayton)


CONTACT US TODAY: 636-230-7900 (Ballwin) or 314-669-9966 (Clayton)

Why Car Bumper Repair is Important

The front and rear bumpers on your vehicle serve a crucial purpose – to protect you and your passengers. They are specially designed to absorb impact on the front and rear of cars, as well as to minimize low-speed accident damage. A majority of passenger vehicle bumpers consist of metal or plastic pieces that cover energy-absorbing materials. Most OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) bumpers also feature a steel or aluminum reinforcement bar to further mitigate impact.

Not only are bumpers critical to a vehicle’s integrity in an accident, but they are also required by law. Both Missouri and Illinois laws declare that every vehicle licensed in their respective states and operated on public roads or highways must have intact, fully functioning rear and front bumpers. Therefore, a repair or replacement is a matter of safety and obeying the law.

Repair or Replacement?

Professional bumper repair and replacement can both restore your vehicle, offering greater protection, and increase the monetary value of your car. Minor scratches and paint damage left behind from a tap in the parking lot or a brush against a pole can typically be patched and mended. However, for more extensive damage, it may be less costly to completely replace your bumper rather than repair it. Examples include:

  • Large cracks. A bumper loses its structural integrity when cracked, so you won’t have much protection in an accident. The process to repair a cracked bumper is extensive, so you would likely be better off with a replacement.
  • The hooks are damaged. Bumpers contain hooks that secure them to the vehicle’s surrounding structures. If they are damaged even slightly, the entire bumper can break loose. Since repairing the hooks isn’t an option, replacing the bumper is necessary.
  • Major paint damage. As with any scratch, the damaged area of a bumper will have to be sanded and possibly filled with a compound to properly level the surface. The next step would then include color matching and repainting, if needed. Depending on the number of scratches and their depths, it may be easier to order a replacement bumper and repaint.

A Trusted Bumper Repair Shop

When you take your vehicle to one of our bumper repair shops in Ballwin or Clayton, a friendly and experienced technician will first assess the damage. Then, they will leverage their training and knowledge to recommend the next best steps for repair. Not all bumper damage is the same, so that’s why we offer two convenient and affordable options to restore your vehicle. Read more about our fully transparent bumper repair methods below:

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Bumper Repair Option 1

$ 725

Starting Price

Complete Bumper Refinish/Replacement

For those cases where you may wish to have your bumper back to its original pristine shape but a replacement isn’t required, we can reshape your bumper using a heat source and refinish it like new. Sometimes, bumper damage is too extensive for a repair, such as when a crack or hole can’t be patched or mended. That’s when we order a replacement bumper, and can usually refinish and install it in two days or less. All repairs and replacements are completed in a climate-controlled environment, and we both wrap and bake the exact match paint to ensure the highest quality finish.

Bumper Repair Option 2

$ 360

Starting Price

Bumper Repair

If your vehicle sustains minor damage, our budget bumper repair option may be your best bet. We complete all repairs without the need for painting or refinishing. In many cases, we’re able to mend your plastic bumper into its original shape, as well as touch up any small scratches left behind from the heat source. Plus, enjoy same day repairs!



Restore Your Car at Our St. Louis Auto Body Shop

Bumpers are necessary for both a car’s structure and your safety. Therefore, if either your front or rear bumper has sustained even minor damage, it’s imperative that you visit one of our St. Louis auto repair centers. The trained technicians at The Dent Devil will analyze the damage and perform the steps necessary to restore your vehicle efficiently and affordably. Whether your vehicle’s bumper requires a simple repair or a full replacement, you can trust our team to get the job done. Contact us today to get started.

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I took my car there for what I believed was going to be a super expensive fix and they fixed it in about five minutes...for free! I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the impeccable, courteous, and immediate service I received here. Thank you!

T. BernsenSt. Louis, MO

The dent removal was also excellent. When I dropped my car off with them it looked terrible; when I got it back it was flawless.

Overall, I felt like this shop was great from step one all the way through. Customer satisfaction is clearly something they strive to provide, which was clear through the communication and quality workmanship I got. I would absolutely give them my business again if the need arises.

M. JettSt. Charles, MO

This Dent Devil is a wonderful place indeed. Me and my friend were visiting STL and we hit a post while reversing the car. They did a wonderful job and by the end of the day I could not figure out if the damage did actually take place or not. Thanks Mike.
And yes, I am writing this after having come back home in India, just because of the very courteous manner in which we were attended to by Mike and the prompt follow up undertaken by him. It was a wonderful experience.

S. AdlakhaSt. Louis, MO

Dent Devil did a great job repairing the hail damage on my BRZ. The owner, Mike, was very friendly and flexible and performed the work quickly and properly. The dents were completely gone and have not come back. One dent was missed, but Mike repaired it himself in an hour when I came in the shop and saw it. Price was the best around. Overall, a top notch shop and experience.

B. LoheSt. Louis, MO

I am extremely, extremely impressed with Dent Devil of Clayton! I brought in a car that I thought was beyond repair--it reeked of cigarette smoke (from years of its owner smoking with the windows up) and was absolutely filthy. A few days later, Dent Devil returned the car to me immaculately clean and smelling great. They did multiple ozination treatments, a flawless interior detail, and odor fogging--all of it to ensure that I would walk out of there with a "like new" vehicle. And to top it off, the price was very reasonable! I know most people come here for exterior repairs (and I'm sure they do this well, too), but I did a lot of research and I can confidently say that this is also the place to go for anything wrong with your interior. Thanks, guys!

B. WinterSt. Louis
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