Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

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Our process is the Simplest, Greenest, Cleanest and most Affordable repair in auto dent repair industry. We have included a video of some of the repairs done at our Facility. So enjoy the movie!

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CONTACT US TODAY: 636-230-7900 (Ballwin) or 314-669-9966 (Clayton)


CONTACT US TODAY: 636-230-7900 (Ballwin) or 314-669-9966 (Clayton)

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Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) & Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

A simplistic description of paintless dent repair otherwise know as PDR is, “The use of a series of different sized and length metal rods with varying degrees of bends and tip shapes to access the inside/back side of automobile body panels and applying pressure on the back side of the dented area, pushing the dent out.

We also use malleting and knock down techniques used in the process as a primary way of releasing stress or pressure waves created from the impact.  Glue Pulling is a secondary method used for repairing dents and dings depending on the degree of depth and location of the damage in question.  Glue pulling in nature is a volatile and critical approach towards fixing dents. As the name implies, plastic tabs are glued to the outer surface of your vehicles damaged area and by connecting a pulling tool to these tabs and applying pulling pressure to remove or soften the affected area can result in paint being pulled off the vehicle.  This technique requires the vehicle to have its original factory paint, along with a pro’s well honed skills to avoid any paint issues.  Temperature is also an important element in a great repair, if the dented area is too cool during the repair process, hairline cracks in the paints clear coat can compromise the paint to metal moister barrier which can lead to corrosion issues.  This is of great concern with cold weather repairs and climate controlled environments are the best way to prevent paint issues.

All kinds of dents can be fixed on many different types of sheet metal including aluminum with paintless dent repair.  Door Dings are the most common kind of damage that can be repaired with our process in a short amount of time.  Larger dents are also repairable, provided that the damaged area is not stretched beyond the limits of repair and that their location is also conducive to accessibility.  Creases are also in our repertoire of case damages that are challenging and rewarding when perfection is achieved.  Hail Damage is menacing to automobiles in the mid west and we have perfected the process of removing all those little dings located in areas that may seem irreparable.  WE CAN FIX most dents within the limits of reason and save you time and money along with the original factory finish of your automobile.

A large percentage of people attempting to perform this kind of repair are poorly trained, inexperienced and ill equipped to perform this type of repair correctly.  This is a difficult process that requires concentration and all the essential tools centered in an environment with all of the proper lighting mechanisms.  Even with all of these advantages in a tech’s possession the process is time consuming to achieve a great paintless dent repair.

Choosing a reputable company with technicians that are skilled in PDR and automotive assemblage is very important.  This is a professional service, so choose a company with the great regard to integrity; a bad technician can make the affected area worse; it’s not worth any amount of savings or possible loss of paint warranty on your vehicle.

Some simple questions to ask about your Auto Repair:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they have any real referrals? Google, Bing, YAHOO, etc.
  • Are they Members of the Better Business Bureau?
  • Do they have Garage Liability Insurance?
  • Do they have any relationships with Insurance Companies?
  • Do they have any Dealership or Body Shop Relationships?
  • Do they have a physical retail location and not just a mobile service (Very Important?)
  • Does the technician represent them self and the industry professionally?
  • Does the Company have a written Guarantee or Warranty?
  • Pay attention to the tools they are about to use on your vehicle “A dirty gym bag full of rusty tools is typical” and Not Recommended!


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I took my car there for what I believed was going to be a super expensive fix and they fixed it in about five minutes...for free! I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the impeccable, courteous, and immediate service I received here. Thank you!

T. BernsenSt. Louis, MO

The dent removal was also excellent. When I dropped my car off with them it looked terrible; when I got it back it was flawless.

Overall, I felt like this shop was great from step one all the way through. Customer satisfaction is clearly something they strive to provide, which was clear through the communication and quality workmanship I got. I would absolutely give them my business again if the need arises.

M. JettSt. Charles, MO

This Dent Devil is a wonderful place indeed. Me and my friend were visiting STL and we hit a post while reversing the car. They did a wonderful job and by the end of the day I could not figure out if the damage did actually take place or not. Thanks Mike.
And yes, I am writing this after having come back home in India, just because of the very courteous manner in which we were attended to by Mike and the prompt follow up undertaken by him. It was a wonderful experience.

S. AdlakhaSt. Louis, MO

Dent Devil did a great job repairing the hail damage on my BRZ. The owner, Mike, was very friendly and flexible and performed the work quickly and properly. The dents were completely gone and have not come back. One dent was missed, but Mike repaired it himself in an hour when I came in the shop and saw it. Price was the best around. Overall, a top notch shop and experience.

B. LoheSt. Louis, MO

I am extremely, extremely impressed with Dent Devil of Clayton! I brought in a car that I thought was beyond repair--it reeked of cigarette smoke (from years of its owner smoking with the windows up) and was absolutely filthy. A few days later, Dent Devil returned the car to me immaculately clean and smelling great. They did multiple ozination treatments, a flawless interior detail, and odor fogging--all of it to ensure that I would walk out of there with a "like new" vehicle. And to top it off, the price was very reasonable! I know most people come here for exterior repairs (and I'm sure they do this well, too), but I did a lot of research and I can confidently say that this is also the place to go for anything wrong with your interior. Thanks, guys!

B. WinterSt. Louis
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