Hail Damage Repair

Step by Step Guide to repairing your vehicle

STEP 1: Make an Insurance Claim

Contact your insurance agent. Make a claim on your vehicle and schedule a time for an inspection by an adjuster.

Onsite inspections at our facility are recommended because Dent Devil is equipped with specialized lighting and we are experienced with claims adjusters. You can request the claim adjuster inspect your vehicle at our facility ensuring a more accurate inspection and eliminating cause for re inspections and repair delays.

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STEP 2: Select a Professional Repair Shop

Be an intelligent consumer and do your home work on your repair shop.

  • Check with BBB first and always deal with reliable businesses.
  • Ensure the business has a permanent address and phone number.
  • Ask your friends and family for referrals.
  • Check customer references.
  • Make sure contract provisions match what the salesperson or advertisement says.
  • Get everything in writing.
  • Know the status on warranties.
  • Avoid sales pitches that demand you “act now.”
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

You deserve to have your vehicle repaired properly and if done right, PDR is the greatest method of repair. Please be aware and choose wisely, it’s worth your time spent investigating.

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ATTENTION! The following is done at every hail storm! Without failure!
As in any catastrophe, there are many ways that people can be taken advantage of when emotion and substantial sums of money are involved. When your car is damaged by hail you can have your vehicle repaired at a conventional auto body shop or at a shop that specializes in Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). Investigate the repair shop you are considering! Is it a local company? Is the repair work outsourced to other companies? Most auto body shops are not permanently staffed with PDR technicians and in most cases will contract with a PDR company to handle the high volume of vehicles arriving at their shop. This is perfectly acceptable so long as the contracted PDR Company is legitimate, professional and most importantly local. Ask the body shop manager if the work is outsourced to a local or a mobile company. Here’s why, if the PDR Company is local and they are sponsoring out of town PDR techs to assist them, you are much more likely to have a master technician working on your car. A legitimate local company has a list of great talent to assist them during these catastrophes and will screen the PDR technicians for themselves and the body shops they contract with. Some less honorable repair shops will pop up all over the heaviest damaged areas posing as local hail specialists. Also, many auto body shop managers will aggressively negotiate thinly profitable contracts with traveling companies that attract only the lower tier technicians. If the technician is not paid well, they are more likely to rush through your vehicle and do shoddy work to make up for the less than favorable deal they made. Most traveling teams have no relationships when they arrive in town and are desperate to find a body shop location to get work.

STEP 3: Scheduling the Repair

Schedule your rental car. Enterprise Leasing will arrange for a rental car to be available for you at our location. This should coincide with the insurance claim adjuster inspection and repair at our facility.

Hail Storms create a lot of confusion and completely back log the insurance companies, rental car companies, auto body shops and professional Paintless Dent Repair organizations in your community. To the best of your ability, make your insurance claim as quickly as you can. Be patient and choose your repair shop wisely. Don’t get into a race to have your car repaired and make a decision based on next availability. Remember that the best shops are always going to fill their calendars quickly and that getting your car on the list automatically gives you priority on cancellations or reschedules. Parts like trim pieces and plastic lenses as well as windshields are in high demand after Hail Storms. This can also work to your scheduling advantage if you have a vehicle that has a high degree of available parts.

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STEP 4: The Repair Shop Process

Show up at our shop on your scheduled day and we will handle all of the details. We are customer friendly and understand your concerns and needs. We promise to answer any questions you ask clearly and quickly and keep you well informed.

Once you have scheduled a repair date, we will order the replacement trim moldings if needed and any other parts that will be needed to complete the repair. If your car needs the windshield or any glass replaced we have offer on site replacement. Provided that the insurance appraisal is complete and accurate we can begin disassembling your vehicle for repair. Once we have began the dent removal process we will begin the process of quality control on a per panel basis. Nothing gets reassembled until we review the surface finish quality to be correct and the underside protective e-coat has been applied. If your vehicle has a clear bra installed and the damage requires us to remove the protective film we have Dalo Inc. assist us in the removal and installation of the new film. After reassembly of your vehicle we review the fit and finish and functionality of all your cars components and move your car to detail. We perform a complete detail of your vehicle to ensure a clean return to you. Upon delivery we will review your car with you and answer any questions you may have. Finalize any paperwork including the notification of completed repair to any lien holders if needed.

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