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The professional auto technicians at The Dent Devil of St. Louis can install XPEL Paint Protection Film on your vehicle to eliminate any potential damage resulting from road debris as you drive. Clear auto bras offer protection against rocks, twigs, bugs, rock, salt, and cinder, keeping your car in pristine condition for many years. The protection a clear bra provides is especially important for those that spend a lot of time on the highway or in areas that have heavy snow conditions. Contact us today to get started.

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What is a Clear Auto Bra?

Made from a thick transparent urethane plastic, the clear film was originally designed to protect helicopter blades from debris during the Vietnam War. After the military expanded its use to cover the noses of fighter jets in the 1970s, NASCAR teams adopted the clear bra to protect their vehicles from damage on the track. Since the film was made available to consumers in the 1990s, its technology and capabilities have consistently improved to become the film we use today.

Both long-lasting and resilient, auto bras protect your hard-earned investment from scratches, dents, and dings that can affect its resale value in the future. The nearly invisible film guards your vehicle’s factory paint from unavoidable road debris. All vulnerable areas of your car can be covered with an auto bra, such as headlights, bumpers, mirrors, door handles, and more.

The XPEL Paint Protection Films we offer at The Dent Devil of St. Louis are among the most advanced auto bras on the market. The self-healing properties eliminate fine scratches and swirl marks over time when exposed to heat. Additionally, the clear films won’t turn yellow from the sun’s UV rays, so they remain invisible as they prevent wear and tear. They also reduce exposure to chemicals and eliminate the potential of rusting and oxidation. Make the most of your investment – browse the selection of XPEL films and contact us for your custom clear auto bra installation today!

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3M Invisible Auto Bra

We are also proud to offer 3M SCOTCHGARD® Paint Protection Films. The auto bra by 3M maintains the beauty and integrity of paint finishes on vulnerable front and exterior surfaces. It is a clear energy-absorbing thermoplastic urethane that’s 20 times thicker than paint. Additionally, it is Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)-approved, and has been used worldwide by the following:

  • General Motors
  • Ford
  • Porsche
  • Toyota
  • And almost all other car manufacturers

The 3M film protects damage-prone areas, such as latch plates on Mercedes Benz vehicles. SCOTCHGARD® can also be removed anytime without affecting the car’s original paint. The rugged urethane film helps safeguard against stone chips, bug damage, abrasion, and weathering. It’s the CLEAR alternative to unsightly bras and shields!

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Protect Your Vehicle with a Clear Auto Bra Today

At The Dent Devil, we strive to provide a variety of top-rated services that keep your vehicle in prime condition. We know your car is one of the most important investments you own, so that’s why we offer high-quality auto bras that protect it from unavoidable damage. If you’re looking to preserve your vehicle, contact us today for a clear auto bra install!

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Clear Auto Bra Frequently Asked Questions

How much do clear bras cost?

When viewing the cost through the lens of preserving your car’s original factory paint, clear bra installation is fairly inexpensive and affordable. The price differs from one customer to another, due to the amount of film needed and type of vehicle. Contact us today for a quote.

How long do clear bras last?

Our XPEL Paint Protection Films have an industry-leading 10-year warranty. Clear bras that are taken care of properly can last even longer. In many cases, the film lasts longer than the amount of time customers own their vehicles.

How do you care for a clear auto bra?

Little to no maintenance is required for auto bras. You can treat it similarly to your vehicle’s paint. We recommend avoiding heavy compounds, abrasive materials, and high pressure automatic car washes.

Can I install a clear auto bra myself?

It’s possible to install small auto bras yourself, such as those covering headlights and mirrors. However, our trained technicians have perfected their craft and can install films quicker and more efficiently.

Can a clear bra be removed?

Absolutely. If your clear bra has sustained damage, our team will remove the film and replace it without affecting its paint.

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I took my car there for what I believed was going to be a super expensive fix and they fixed it in about five minutes...for free! I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the impeccable, courteous, and immediate service I received here. Thank you!

T. BernsenSt. Louis, MO

The dent removal was also excellent. When I dropped my car off with them it looked terrible; when I got it back it was flawless.

Overall, I felt like this shop was great from step one all the way through. Customer satisfaction is clearly something they strive to provide, which was clear through the communication and quality workmanship I got. I would absolutely give them my business again if the need arises.

M. JettSt. Charles, MO

This Dent Devil is a wonderful place indeed. Me and my friend were visiting STL and we hit a post while reversing the car. They did a wonderful job and by the end of the day I could not figure out if the damage did actually take place or not. Thanks Mike.
And yes, I am writing this after having come back home in India, just because of the very courteous manner in which we were attended to by Mike and the prompt follow up undertaken by him. It was a wonderful experience.

S. AdlakhaSt. Louis, MO

Dent Devil did a great job repairing the hail damage on my BRZ. The owner, Mike, was very friendly and flexible and performed the work quickly and properly. The dents were completely gone and have not come back. One dent was missed, but Mike repaired it himself in an hour when I came in the shop and saw it. Price was the best around. Overall, a top notch shop and experience.

B. LoheSt. Louis, MO

I am extremely, extremely impressed with Dent Devil of Clayton! I brought in a car that I thought was beyond repair--it reeked of cigarette smoke (from years of its owner smoking with the windows up) and was absolutely filthy. A few days later, Dent Devil returned the car to me immaculately clean and smelling great. They did multiple ozination treatments, a flawless interior detail, and odor fogging--all of it to ensure that I would walk out of there with a "like new" vehicle. And to top it off, the price was very reasonable! I know most people come here for exterior repairs (and I'm sure they do this well, too), but I did a lot of research and I can confidently say that this is also the place to go for anything wrong with your interior. Thanks, guys!

B. WinterSt. Louis
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