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We can restore your Vehicle’s Interior like new!

Just as it’s important to address worn brake pads, extinguished headlights, and flat tires, so too is it to repair the interior of your vehicle. Torn leather seats, cigarette burned headrests, stained carpets, and sagging headliners can not only decrease your vehicle’s resale value, but they can also distract you when controlling the vehicle. At The Dent Devil, we can assist you with any type of interior repair and replacement issue you can imagine. Contact us today to get started!

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Vehicle interior Repair Restoration

CONTACT US TODAY: 636-230-7900 (Ballwin) or 314-669-9966 (Clayton)


CONTACT US TODAY: 636-230-7900 (Ballwin) or 314-669-9966 (Clayton)

Vehicle Interior Repair Restoration

Car Interior Restoration Experts in St. Louis

If you’re getting tired of your car’s stained floor mats or broken door panels, we have the solution. Our team of car interior repair experts can accurately identify each issue and perform the necessary steps to restore your vehicle to its original condition. We can assist you with any of the following issues:

  • Sagging or stained headliners
  • Broken or worn door panels
  • Cracked or split leather
  • Carpet stain repair or replacement
  • Seat repairs, including replacing the original seat covers
  • Cigarette burns on all kinds of surfaces.
  • Replacement of any interior parts

Stop by our fabulous locations and we can assess your interior issue and give you the best advice for your vehicle.

Car Headliner Repair

A car’s headliner is often identified as its ceiling, since it covers a majority of the roof on the inside. Not only does it improve the general appearance of a vehicle’s interior, but it also plays a role in the safety of passengers during accidents. Additionally, it blocks noise and cold temperatures that occur outside the vehicle.

The headliner is made of two layers: a foam-like material that is in direct contact with the roof, and a covering that lines the vehicle’s interior. The two layers are held together by an adhesive, and after some time, it’s likely to lose its strength, resulting in a sagging effect. Temperature fluctuations and moisture also play a role in weakening the bond. When you take your vehicle to The Dent Devil, we’ll re-seal the adhesive through a variety of methods, depending on your situation.

Some vehicles’ headliners are made from an upholstery material and are thus prone to stains. Whether your child’s soda bottle exploded in the backseat ten years ago or you managed to get ketchup on it last week, our team at The Dent Devil will work swiftly to restore your headliner. We’ll assess the stain(s) and use specialized cleaning agents to lift and remove.

Car Door Panel Repair

Your car’s door panels not only provide a sleek appearance that coordinates with the rest of the interior, but they also cover mechanisms, such as the window motors and power locks. As soon as you notice that a door panel is cracked, take your vehicle to a trusted auto repair shop. Any crack will worsen over time, leading to more expensive repairs later.

No matter the extent of damage, we’ve got you covered! Whether your car’s door panel is cracked in multiple places or simply worn down from continuous use, our specialists will restore it like new. The interior’s appearance will improve, and the mechanisms within the door will be adequately protected once again.


Cracked or Split Leather Repair

Over time, your vehicle’s leather is bound to crack from the stress of continuous use. What was once considered a luxury is now an essential component of modern-day vehicle interiors. Besides seats, leather can also be found on door panels, consoles, steering wheels, and entertainment centers. Wherever the material is located, you can be confident that our team will repair, refinish, and restore your car’s leather to boost appearance and value.

Car Carpet Cleaning and Replacement

Just like the flooring in your home, your vehicle’s carpet is also frequently exposed to stains. In many cases, a simple vacuuming job won’t do the trick, as your vehicle carpet experiences the most wear and tear. Removing the stains and even replacing floor mats or carpet are great ways to maintain the new car look. At The Dent Devil, we’ll assess the condition of your vehicle’s carpet and take the appropriate actions to clean or replace, assuring your car is as good as new!

Auto Upholstery Repair

Whether your car’s upholstery is made from nylon, faux leather, polyester, or genuine leather, a cracked, torn, and disheveled seat is unattractive and uncomfortable. The seats themselves are just as important to your vehicle’s functionality and value as the exterior paint. Potential used car buyers tend to shy away from vehicles whose upholstery is in poor condition, and passengers likely don’t enjoy sitting on a low quality seat. 

At The Dent Devil, we can repair minor cracks and tears in your car’s seat upholstery, making the interior attractive and comfortable once again. For those whose seats require a little more love, we can replace the upholstery with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) covers that perfectly match your vehicle’s make and model. For auto upholstery repair in St. Louis, look no further than The Dent Devil!

Cigarette Burn Repair

If you frequently smoke in your car, it’s likely you’ll accidentally drop a lit cigarette onto an interior surface at some point. Similar to damage on a car door panel, it’s important that you seek the assistance of a trusted auto body repair shop as soon as possible so that the burn doesn’t worsen. We’ve seen cigarette burns on a variety of surfaces, such as nylon, vinyl, polyester, leather, plastic, and more, so you can be confident that we’ll remove the stain in no time.

Contact the St. Louis Car Restoration Experts

We take pride in our car interior restoration services. It’s our goal to not only repair the damage in a timely manner, but also provide superior customer service. We can also replace any interior components that can’t be restored by the effort of our team. Stop by one of our fabulous Dent Devil locations today – we’ll assess your interior issue and give you the best advice for your vehicle. We look forward to working with you!

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Don’t just take our word for it

I took my car there for what I believed was going to be a super expensive fix and they fixed it in about five minutes...for free! I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the impeccable, courteous, and immediate service I received here. Thank you!

T. BernsenSt. Louis, MO

The dent removal was also excellent. When I dropped my car off with them it looked terrible; when I got it back it was flawless.

Overall, I felt like this shop was great from step one all the way through. Customer satisfaction is clearly something they strive to provide, which was clear through the communication and quality workmanship I got. I would absolutely give them my business again if the need arises.

M. JettSt. Charles, MO

This Dent Devil is a wonderful place indeed. Me and my friend were visiting STL and we hit a post while reversing the car. They did a wonderful job and by the end of the day I could not figure out if the damage did actually take place or not. Thanks Mike.
And yes, I am writing this after having come back home in India, just because of the very courteous manner in which we were attended to by Mike and the prompt follow up undertaken by him. It was a wonderful experience.

S. AdlakhaSt. Louis, MO

Dent Devil did a great job repairing the hail damage on my BRZ. The owner, Mike, was very friendly and flexible and performed the work quickly and properly. The dents were completely gone and have not come back. One dent was missed, but Mike repaired it himself in an hour when I came in the shop and saw it. Price was the best around. Overall, a top notch shop and experience.

B. LoheSt. Louis, MO

I am extremely, extremely impressed with Dent Devil of Clayton! I brought in a car that I thought was beyond repair--it reeked of cigarette smoke (from years of its owner smoking with the windows up) and was absolutely filthy. A few days later, Dent Devil returned the car to me immaculately clean and smelling great. They did multiple ozination treatments, a flawless interior detail, and odor fogging--all of it to ensure that I would walk out of there with a "like new" vehicle. And to top it off, the price was very reasonable! I know most people come here for exterior repairs (and I'm sure they do this well, too), but I did a lot of research and I can confidently say that this is also the place to go for anything wrong with your interior. Thanks, guys!

B. WinterSt. Louis
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